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I'm Safe Organisation provides safety and security for women in your organisation when they are working or commuting. Our phone app lets them control their safety with features like location tracking, one-click help from trained professionals, and an anonymous reporting system. Additionally, our simple-to-use admin portal lets you connect with and help any women in your organisation who seek help from you. With I'm Safe Organisation, you can rest assured about the safety of the women in your organisation.

Our solutions are an effective tool for







Safety simplified!

Keeping the women in your organisation safe is a top priority. With the new I’m Safe Organisation suit, you can ensure that they are always protected with an app for their phone and a dedicated admin portal for you.

Safety Simplified

Easy Overview

Insights at a quick glance. Safety and engagement are now all in one place!

Easy Overview

Cab tracking

We provide a safe cab tracking service that can help the women in your organisation feel safe every time they commute to your organisation and beyond


SOS alerts your organisation when a user is in danger.

It also provides information about their location, along with the details of their guardian and a safe code.

SOS stores images, audio, location and time stamp Cryptographically


Stand on guard while the women in your organisation are travelling in unfamiliar places

The user may choose how long they want their location to be tracked for and stop it when they wish to.

Track Me

Hear from the women in your organisation to create a better environment

The Incident Marker feature provides the women in your organisation to mark places safe or unsafe anonymously. The organisation can take action with the information that is collected from the users.

Incident Marker
Build confidence


Empower the women in your organisation by providing them with consultations from a safe and supportive community of professionals. Counsellors, Doctors, Advocates, Advisor and more…

Onboard your organisation’s consultation team or benefit from I’m safe’s professional consultation team

Counsellor, Doctor, Advocate, Advisor
Grievance Report
Encourage Growth


Help the woman in your organisation feel safe and valued by listening to them with our anonymous Grievance reporting system. Encourage them with solutions that will solve their problems and take action wherever necessary.

A foundation where you can grow

We provide the security, guidance & support that will help you grow with safety while celebrating who YOU really are!

Facilitate anonymous complaints

Facilitate anonymous complaints

Allow users to raise complaints for themselves or on behalf of others anonymously.

Facilitate anonymous complaints

Encourage growth

Provide the security, guidance & support that will help your organisation grow.

Facilitate anonymous complaints

Cryptographically Secure!

All data are encrypted using the latest in encryption technology to ensure that it stays safe from any prying eyes or malicious agents.

Facilitate anonymous complaints

24/7 Support

We want the women in your organisation to succeed so we work non-stop for their safety.

Provide a safe place for the women in your organisation

Plans and pricing

Billing cycle: Monthly Annual

Current Feature

Admin Dashboard insights

Emergency SOS alert & insights

Track Me Insights

Crytographic Security

Staff & User Management


Upcoming Feature

Anonymous Reporting

Org Help - Dedicated Women Advisor

Org Chat

Cab Tracking

Dedicated Forum for Mobile Users

  • Standard Plan
  • 0.60/user/month
  • Launch offer 80%
  • 0.12/user/month

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