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“I’m Safe” is a new app developed as a solution for women who want to stay safe when alone at night or even during the day.

When activated, the app sends out information about your location to your trusted circle while capturing vital information in the background.

“I’m safe” can be used anywhere in the world: at home, school, work, and any outdoor activities.


To create a globally safe community where women are free from being a victim of physical and emotional abuse.


To provide a digitally advanced application that ensures a woman’s safety at all times.

Road Map


Our Board of Advisors

Our mentors from around the world are passionate to see a safer society for women. They guide us with their experience and wisdom. They amplify our voice and make us heard.

Andreas Weiland President, Truth and Transformation, Germany
Mark Mudri Chairman, Advocates International, Australia
Andrew Graham CEO, Cohiba Minerals, Australia
Lucielle Outhred CEO, Gem College, Australia
Preethi Daniel Co-Founder, You Are Loved, India
Sarah Reimann Outsourced CFO, Business Advisor | Adelaide, Australia

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